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Ser Tech was born of credit unions, so we understand their unique challenges and goals. We have worked with thousands of credit unions since 1994 to reach existing and potential members through highly targeted and effective credit data-based campaigns. We also provide credit education and real lender scores through the FICO Open Access program. The credit union spirit is part of our DNA. We're proud to support the industry through partnerships with the Cornerstone League, Global Women's Leadership Network and WOCCU. Most importantly, our team residing in Dallas, Texas and Qingdao, China are a committed and talented group that believe deeply in credit unions and the postivite role they play in consumer finance.

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  • Thursday, February 4, 2021 Ser Tech

    During stressful times like the COVID pandemic, credit unions are the best suited financial institutions to connect with their members and lend support through the ups and downs of this time period.