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Turn Your Credit Union\'s SERP Liability Into Net Income

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The current environment is negatively impacting all SERPs (including both 457(f) and split dollar plans). That being said, converting a 457(f) over to a split dollar SERP might be the right solution for your credit union. In addition to the tax free retirement income it can provide the executive, the conversion can also make a positive impact on the credit union’s income statement!

OM Financial Group is diligently working with credit union executives and boards to provide insight on the following items:

  • Aspects of credit union oversight of a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP)
  • Risks to the credit union and the executive based on the SERP design and products utilized
  • Find out how to convert a 457(f) to a split dollar plan
  • Mitigation strategies to help protect against any material weaknesses in design or product performance

Download our exclusive article to learn how credit unions can immediately turn a liability into a performing asset, even in today\'s environment.