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The 4 Ways Pre-Qualification Technology Will Put an End to Potential Market Share Erosion

Gain instant access into this important study of how Credit Unions can evolve and take FinTech Digital Lenders and Banks head on.

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FinTech digital lenders have been successfully leveraging Pre-Qualification technology and “No Credit Impact To Check Your Rates” messaging for years, effectively doubling their market share in Personal Loans category from 22.4% in 2015 to 49.4% in 2020 (Experian study1)

Now, a new crop of FinTech digital lenders are using the same technology and are establishing a stronghold in auto loans - a segment that has long been the heart of Credit Union lending.

Download this critically important white paper and learn how leading credit unions are utilizing the latest pre-qualification technology to adapt and evolve and take these FinTech giants head on.

Learn how the following 4 huge benefits can be realized and placed into action:

  • Accelerating direct loans (More of the profitable loans)
  • Decrease adverse actions (Better customer relationship)
  • Improve operational efficiency (Lower costs)
  • Increase cross-sell loans and increase share of wallet (Member relationship expansion)